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CharlotteI am coach Charlotte, co-owner at CrossFit North Valley. I started CrossFit in2010. My husband Keven started coaching women out of our garage. He asked me to come join the other ladies. At first I was reluctant, but being the great wife that I am I came out and joined the other ladies. It took some time but I did/have become addicted to CrossFit. Crossfit has been a humbling yet also a gratifying experience. I never thought I would become a CrossFit coach, but I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now.

Crossfit: level 1
Crossfit: Kids
Crossfit: Movement and mobility
Soon: Crossfit level 2


brianPassionate about helping others improve their quality of life through fitness. I love seeing the growth and confidence that comes from learning skills and getting stronger. Constantly learning and open to new methods and practices. My inspirations come from, the guys at Barbell Shrugged, CrossFit Football, Power Athlete, OPT, Catalyst Athletics and Robb Wolf. My current certifications consist of CrossFit Level One, CrossFit Movement & Mobility, CrossFit Football and OPT Experience Course. “Here To Help”.






kevenKeven began his CrossFit career in 06 just before the holidays. His neighbor ( A Dr. of physical therapy) recommended a new program that would help him and his 2 older sons get ‘fit’. Kevens motivations were simple: a planned summer hunt in the mountains of Alaska. His friend and life time Alaska resident said “ Keven you’d better be in good shape”. Keven took that to heart and spent the next 8 months immersed in crossfit. He went to alaska in the best shape of his life. Good thing because he was stranded and had to walk out in order to be rescued. He vowed to Never be out of shape again and alway be ready for anything. His passion is stronger now than ever before. Level 1 certified, Mobility cert, Olympic lifting trained, kettle bell trained, certified judge 2 years in a row. Has actively judges local crossfit events as his time allows. He loves teaching people move and gets his ‘charge’ form his friends ( members) successes. He is the essence of what CrossFit is all about. HE is CROSSFIT.